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April 2, 2011

Copyright 2011 Gordon Kuhn



T’was a soft and loving summer’s night

that stood close and kissed a winter’s dawn

the warmth of long days had slowly cooled

and fall’s chill had painted pooled

a gift of basketless leaves and flowers strewn

to wither and then to dust to turn

beneath a bright and glowing autumn moon

as lengthening shadows upon the field began to loom

and creatures large and small

furred and feathered, short and tall

began to venture forth to creep into the room

while aged the world before me ran

yet t’was young and still spry as the new born fawn

that I spied one early sleepy morn

as it strutted and danced across my lawn

in love with life it jumped and pranced

while I crept as close as I could have chanced

then while embers from a fire close by

cracked and popped and began to lose their heat and die

I stood quiet as the soft tan creature passed

while in silence each found the other’s eye

and with gentleness we both touched the other’s face

and across its muzzle my fingers traced

while its warm short breaths my throat and face embraced



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Copyright 2011 Gordon Kuhn


I pass each day in wonder of the love I found

when soft summer winds came to visit on a winter day

and loosed my frozen heart from the mound

of ice had formed and believed would ever stay

but does now dance beneath a warming sun

upon the sandy altar shore beside where the frothy, tossing sea does run

and I walk with the one from whom love for me had sudden come

had sudden come on an icy day, on a quiet winters day.

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THE OUTER WORLD IS DUSTED12/28/2010Copy Write © 2010 Gordon Kuhn

The outer world is dusted in a gentle mist unfurled

thick enough to cause to disappear, amid smoky jaws at once unclear,

trees in hush did in vapor seem to freeze while growing distant there

from my watcher’s spot I can view the lot as sought in wonder thought

where I know lie they in short remoteness stare back at me

without any lack of mystery or depth of bewitchery

the world in hazy air lays curled asleep while I at watch do keep

this early morning which seems adjourning from clear sight returning

away from the spot whereupon I stand and view this calmly ventured land.

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