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Beautiful, Versatile Collection Of Verse.., September 9, 2014
By John Thomas… “New England…USA”
This review is from: The Widow’s Cliff and Other Poems (Paperback)
I recently received this book of poetry from the author in exchange for a fair review. In all honesty I have to say that I have enjoyed this man’s work, and this collection very much. In fact it’s been one of the most enjoayble expereinces with a book of poetry I have encountered in quite some time. Admittedly, I am not a fan at all of modern poetry that tends to be very dark, and, doesn’t rhyme or conclude as classic poetry does. As a poet and editor myself, I have loved and composed my own poetry since boyhood and I am quite set in my ways. This collection is the perfect cross over in my opinion as to the modern touch, while still keeping the classic style alive and thriving. Author Gordon Kuhn augments his subject matter with great depth as to reciting a real story, as well as delving into much heartfelt emotion. Emotion that gather the reins of both matters of the heart, as well as being poignant and reminiscent. In many ways Kuhn’s excellent style reminds me of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Both in its structure, and in its imagery. And I am also very impressed with Kuhn’s versatility of subjects. There is such a wide range of subject matter put to verse here its almost as if the author writes opposite of so many others. That is, instead of thinking about something and writing it down, he instead just writes what he is thinking. The end result being a very versatile style of wonderful poems that I feel will delight many, and be well worth your time. I enjoyed this book very much and feel you will be both entertained and inspired by it as well… Highly recommended… : )


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Well, I came across an interesting site that contains links to other interesting sites and I highly recommend this site to all of you who are seeking such sites. Dear me, is that a run on sentence? Anyway, it is a Twitter Site: https://twitter.com/StuartABarnes?refsrc=email

You will also find there a link to another site that has caught my interest: https://twitter.com/TinctureJournal?refsrc=email

If you are a writer, a reader, or alive then I suggest you visit the Tincture Journal. If dead or barely alive I suggest you also go there as you might find some therapy waiting in the words that will drag your butt up out of the doldrums and infuse you with the energy to go and write a block buster of a novel or, at least, a reply to my note here.

There was another one there but I have let it slip away. I’ll have to get it back and send it out later on.

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Copyright Feb. 14, 2012

Gordon Kuhn, Poet in the Rain Productions

All rights reserved.


I don’t know which way to go

When the river starts to flow,

As canyon walls begin to rise,

And I hear my neighbor’s painful cry.


A bottle full of forgetfulness might be a needed share,

It’s temporary pain relief with all its contents on a dare,

While memories and ghosts slip slowly past,

Sharing moments that haunt and forever last


I just don’t know which way to go

When that river starts to flow

As a whirlpool surfaces and draws me ever near

It’s the sadness waiting there that I fear


I crossed this river yesterday, when it was dusty dry,

Laying beneath an open, peaceful, friendly sky;

But now the river has begun to grow,

And emptiness I begin to know.


There is no place left for me to go.

As the water starts to spread in its growing flow.

The canyon walls begin to rise

And clamber for the open sky


I don’t know which way to go

As the river begins to flow

I crossed the path when I thought it safe

Now shadows about me form to drape.


The canyon walls look as brown glass might

When lying next to that which is empty in my sight

And I hear my neighbor’s lonely cry

And I feel so thirsty with a throat most dry


I crossed the river when I thought it safe

But learned the river has no escape

There is no place left for me to go

The water knows and so grows the flow.


And I hear my neighbor’s lonely cry.

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Copyright 2012 Gordon Kuhn

All rights reserved. You touch I breaka you face.


Sittin’ in the sun

Looking for a spot of fun

Watchin’ young things wander by

No energy to even try

To strike up a conversation

And not into meditation

When up sat down a hairy faced dude

Lanky and looked as thin as a neon tube

And he said, “How’d you?”

“How’d you?”

“Mmm hmm, how’d do you do?”

He wobbled a bit.

“Mind if I sit?”


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Copyright 2012 Gordon L Kuhn All Rights Reserved

February 2, 2012


There’s a tree across the street.

It’s a proud tree!

A standin’ tall tree.

Tall and wide, nothin’, it ain’t got nothin’ shameful to hide.

Limbs spread out before the world, reachin’ for the sky

Leaves bright green. Been greener lately than I ever before had seen.

Roots spread out growing deep in the gritty, rocky soil

Where its toes are tickled by the sand,

As they push their way deeper in the land

Searchin’ for the water lines

To surround and tap a few.

It’s clearly in my view.

This tree is a special tree

And I see it every day.

I stop and stare and marvel at it standing there,

It’s filled with oak tree pride

For seven years, no maybe eight

It’s stood there, across the street

It ain’t bothered nobody.

It’s waving leaves greets me in the mornin’,

And if I wake at night from my snorin’

And go outside, it’s there.

It’s a comfort.

Well, tree trimmers by the owner were called

Who has a grievance ‘bout that ol’ tree what done no wrong to him.

And I do believe they committed a sin

Against that poor ol’ oak tree

For it once was filled with branches and leaves most thick

But as I went outside yesterday

To say hello to my leafy friend

I fell back in startled shock

For that tree,

That glorious old oak tree,

Was liken to a marshmallow stuck upon a stick.

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Rabbit in  a Box is 107 pages of poetry which can be found on Kindle Direct for 99 cents.  It is my second book of poetry which can also be found on Amazon. If you don’t own a Kindle you can download a computer version at Amazon for use on your computer and have the same benefits as you would with a separate kindle to carry with you. Rabbit in a  Box is worth more than 99 cents but I’ve placed it on Kindle Direct simply because I want to share my poetry and then I”m going to publish in soft back. Search Amazon for Gordon L Kuhn and you will find my books.

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I have not used this site for a while as I have been focusing on THOUGHTS. I am going to become more active here and am trying to link the site to the others I use. Thanks to the 14 who have subscribed and I will be doing my best to update and save this site.

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My book, Widow’s Cliff and Other Poems is now on Kindle. All the work needed to get it there was finished this morning and the book was uploaded to Kindle.  The cost to download into your Kindle is only 99 cents. Go! Buy! Enjoy!

Best to all, Gordon Kuhn

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Fast note.  My book: The Widow’s Cliff and Other Poems is now on Kindle for 99 cents.

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I don’t understand. Eighteen people visited the site after I put out a comment that I was very frustrated because I cannot figure out how to put a picture on the blog. 18 people. That is more in one week than have been here all month

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